A static website is a set of static pages which are linked together. It is an html file created and saved locally either on a computer or in a server. Each time a change is needed the html file needs to be re-opened, code edited and saved.

Static Website provides a great benefit to small and medium scale industries or companies and professionals. A Static website can support your business to identify your products, services, and any other related information you want your precious visitors to have access to Companies having small economical growth and professionals promote their products and services are among the beneficiaries for having a static website. Any kind of business with a small set of products or services can get tremendous help from it.

My specialty which separates me from others are my Unique concepts, Professional and Outstanding images, Easy navigation with extra ordinary and decent look and Search Engine friendly website designing which are the prime elements where i focus in each and every website design that i makes alive. I use the latest and the best technologies and the coding standards which enables your prime clients and people to access your website very comfortably.

Modren Coding Standard

I follow modren coding standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery.

Fully Responsive

I code responsive websites. that will works on almost all smart devices. (check this site on a smart device for a demo) ;)

Cross Browser

I make sure the website i code are fully supported on all major browsers. i provide support for IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

SEO Friendly and Optimized

Websites i code are not only search engine friendly but also optimized for better speed.

If you have any query regarding your web project

Drop me an email at mossawir@mossawir.net or call me at +92 333 2080504